What Dr. Heaman's Patients Have to Say..............

"Dear Doctor Deb,  I have followed your practice from Georgetown to Kitchener and for good reason.  The time, effort and care you provide are second to none. Your holistic approach and genuine concern for patient care is wonderful.  I have highly recommended you to friends and family who now enjoy the benefits of your treatment. I urge anyone having difficulties to see you.  For myself I am sure, if it weren't for you I would have had questionable surgery, never-ending physio and just a prescription to mask the root cause of the injury.  I thank you so very much."

- CB, Georgetown

"I was diagnosed with calcium in both shoulders. I spent the best part of 2 years in physiotherapy before I felt any significant improvement. I met Dr. Heaman at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast and after a brief introductory conversation, I decided to visit her clinic and have her opinion on the cause of my discomfort.  I found out after the first visit that my discomfort had more than one cause and was told in great detail with the aid of wall charts and a skeleton, where the problems were and what corrections needed to be done. Dr. Deb explained everything in English and I actually understood a little about why I hurt and what needed to be done to correct the problems. I feel that in 3 months I have had greater improvement than the 2 years in physiotherapy. In my opinion Dr. Heaman is fantastic chiropractor and I'm lucky to have found her."

- MD, Kitchener

"I have been seeing Dr. Deb for the past 6 months due to a back injury.  What makes Dr. Deb stand out is the time she takes to treat patients and her gentle approach.  Each appointment includes the time to properly loosen the muscles in the effected area to allow for a gentle adjustment.  I have noticed significant improvements with my injury as seeking many other methods of treatment with minimal progress.  Thank you Dr. Deb."

- RM, Waterloo

"I have been coming to Dr Deb for just a little over 2 months for Chiropractic treatment, and I love it! Since starting chiropractic treatment, I have minimal back pain. Dr Deb is always friendly and helpful…I am extremely happy with the chiropractic treatment that I receive from her!"

- AW, Kitchener

"Dr. Heaman is worth the drive from Georgetown!"

- ML, Georgetown

"Dr. Deb was able to put me at ease and explained all adjustments to me.  Every time I go to see her I leave feeling fantastic!  Her care is truly more than just adjustments - she cares about each patient and their needs individually!"

- SC Kitchener, ON

"I've been to lots of Chiropractors over the years, but very few have been as thorough as Dr. Deb. She takes the time to find out what is causing the problem, takes the time to treat the symptom and then takes the time to educate you on how to prevent it from happening again.  You can tell she loves what she does and has my complete and genuine endorsement."

- JK Conestoga, ON

"Dr Deborah treated me as an individual with very specific needs.  She was very professional and very caring in her assessment and treatment and I feel much better already!"

- RK Kitchener, ON

"Dr. Heaman was there for us at a very difficult juncture of our lives.  She brought healing relief to us, not only through her skilled hands, relieving physical pain for my daughter, but through her warmth and support.  Her gentle humour and non-intrusive questioning helped guide us to a better understanding of the source of the pain ( in more ways than one).  Our visits with her strengthened the whole family.  With her, we felt we mattered.  Simply put, Dr. Heaman cares, truly cares and because of her caring, she facilitates the healing of more than the body.  Not many doctors understand that to heal the body, you must first heal the heart."

- KM, Kitchener. ON

"A few years ago, I had constant pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back muscles.  After going to physiotherapy, it helped ease the pain a bit but I easily restrained the same problems with normal use.  Someone who just started working at my workplace said she had the same problem, and told me it was "referred pain" and referred me to Dr. Heaman, who had helped her.  After regular visits, my pain steadily decreased and I feel almost 100% better.  I can do things now without having to worry about aggravating an injury.  I was amazed at just how much of a difference it was able to make for me.  I am forever grateful."

- JS Kitchener, ON

"Dr. Heaman combines her outstanding skills as a chiropractor with something quite rare in today's world.  She truly cares about her patients and frequently goes far beyond what is required of her.  She 's my miracle worker."

- CS, Cambridge, ON

"Thanks Deborah for making me feel young again.  It was probably some of the worst pain I ever felt but you helped me through it."

- TH Kitchener, ON

"Dr. Deborah Heaman goes above and beyond standard chiropractic care by massaging the affected areas before giving you an adjustment.  I always leave her office feeling refreshed, relaxed and realigned."

- LPO Kitchener, ON